Workholding – Accurate, Repeatable, Quick

Workholding…workholding…workholding- where does it end??

Or better yet, where does it start? In today’s ever-changing Quick-turn world of Proto-typing, one-off’s, or the ever present “We needed it last week!” time frames, what type of workholding should you go with?

At BRD Workholding we’ve taken a simple, efficient, and dare I say green approach to workholding.

Below is a video of our newest addition to our ECP line of work holding, the 12mm ECP; custom designed to work with Chick ® Workholding foundation fixturing plates.


Saving Time and Money with Precision & Repeatability in Machining and Assembly

It takes the right tools—>

Saving time and money go hand-in-hand in the machining and manufacturing business, and once a process is honed, shaving seconds to minutes off a process or a run can make a huge difference! But speed can also open the door for error, especially when making precision parts.

There is no doubt that errors on the job costs time and money, and can just be plain frustrating!

In some industries fixing errors is relatively easy; but when creating a precision product out of a chunk of metal- one little error often means the cost of the job . . . that means you don’t make any money on the job or worse, you lose money!

The main reason a part is “scrapped” is because a single measurement was off. Almost anything else can be fixed- but it is not easy to add back material (yet). In our shop, an inaccuracy can be so small, it cannot be seen (by most people) – it can only be noticed by measuring or when doing an assembly, (and finding out that the assembly does not work).

Yes, we are a highly performing precision machining company (that also offers design, 3D Printing and consulting) we’d be lying if we said we never scrapped a part. But it’s true to say that it very rarely happens. (see article for more tips on reducing scrap rate)

A company and it’s employees CAN work together to be more profitable. Who doesn’t want a raise? In a business, it does eventually all come down to the numbers. The right tools can help the employee and the company be more profitable. Making the initial investment in great tools can save time, money and hopefully also create a better product and save a lot of frustration!

Eliminating unnecessary steps, like NOT having to move the part in it’s setup can help prevent these types of errors, but parts must be moved during the machining process.

The issue here is repeatable accuracy. It’s pretty much impossible to do with relative speed- until now!

Big music .! .! .!

We use our Expandable Collet Pin to hold where a traditional bolt (not highly accurate) or a clamp or soft jaw (time-consuming and difficult to get easy repeatability). See the Expandable Collet Pin® to learn how your part or fixture could be removed and replaced to ±.0002

The reason we made the ECP, was because we were very adamant that it had to be 

The Expandable Collet Pin® expands evenly across the surfaces for:

  • Superior Holding Force 1200 Lbs of Straight up pull force (with 2 pins)
  • Superior Accuracy ±.0002 of Location Repeatability

What if you have a part that you need to inspect on the CMM during the machining process? How do you make sure that it gets back on the machine in the exact same spot.

Maybe you’re assembling a product that needs to be highly accurate and costs simply can’t be cut due to the time it takes to keep the accuracy?

The Expandable Collet Pin® and related products are time and cost-saving tools that are accurate and repeatable from setup, to machining, to inspection and assembly.

Here are our main products. We also make custom products for all your needs.